Weaving tales of the soil


Signature Kanis and hand-embroidered Pashmina shawls, scarves, and wraps have left their mark amongst the elite ever since they were first made in the 14th century. The Kani is an elegy within Pashmina and is handcrafted out of little bobbins, each carrying a thread of different colors. While one set of artisans draws inspiration from the picturesque nature enveloping the valley and writes a Taalim for the shawl, another group reads this script like a Holy Book and weaves the luxury shawl accordingly. In a parallel world, Pashminas meet flamboyant hand embroideries such as Sozni Kari, Tilla Dozi, and Papier Mache, each of them ornates the luxe shawl, sitting across its soft folds like a prized jewel.

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