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Linen & room spray (Oud)


Available in 100 ml spray bottle

“Oud” typically refers to a precious and aromatic resin derived from the wood of the agarwood tree, which is highly valued for its rich and distinctive fragrance. Oud is often referred to as “liquid gold” in the world of perfumery due to its rarity and luxurious scent.


  1. Woody:  It has a warm, earthy, and deep woodiness that can vary in intensity and complexity.
  2. Sweet and Resinous: Oud has sweet and resinous undertones that add depth and complexity to its aroma.
  3. Smoky and Balsamic: Oud  has smoky and balsamic facets, which give it a slightly smoldering and incense-like quality. This smokiness is one of the reasons why oud is often used in oriental and woody fragrances.
  4. Animalic and Leather:  Oud varieties exhibit animalic and leathery nuances, adding a touch of sensuality and complexity to the scent.
  5. Earthy and Spicy: Have earthy and spicy notes, reminiscent of damp forest floors and aromatic spices.
  6. Fruity and Floral:  Have fruity or floral undertones, although these are typically more subtle compared to its prominent woody and resinous characteristics
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Linen spray is a scented spray designed to refresh and add a pleasant fragrance to various textiles, primarily bed linens, but it can also be used on curtains, upholstery, and clothing. Linen sprays are a popular product for enhancing the ambiance of bedrooms and other living spaces.

This linen & room and linen spray combines beautiful and relaxing essential oils that are considered to promote relaxation. It’s presented in a medium-sized plastic spray bottle.

Relax right to sleep with an essential oil bed & pillow spray!


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